Sunday, 16 June 2013


Yesterday was the first day of Mamont-international festival of modern art and avant-garde fashion which is held in Minsk. made a special selection of films for this festival.All the films were connected with fashion.The duration of programm was about an hour and a half.During this time nearly 25 films were screened.All the programm was energetic,but some comrads were having a nap.)

The jury consisted of about 10 people.They were taken points to every film.The highest was 10 and the lowest 0.In general all the films were quiet avant-garde.Two films were made by belarusian filmmakers.The rest were from France,US,Russia and other countries.

Films taken part in the programm:

"Abused room"
This amazing film was greatly montaged and the idea is full of unexpected sense,sense of humor.The only film which got 15 points from jury.Worth watching!

"Walking girl"-the shortest but also very nice.

The winner of the video section of the festival is called "Show room".Material made by two guys who were trying to invent wallpaper is packing the stunning girl and...Simplicity is the key for great pieces.

Congrats to the winner!!!


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