Friday, 2 August 2013

Vagrant wanders

Did you know about vagrant film festival travellers?
It was a long and tough trip with no arrangements and beforehead plans.
They had only video projector,bikes,a tent and a plenty of different lands and coutries.

Here will be the history of messages by Alexander and Vasil:


Left home approximately at 7 pm.The direction-somewhere to Europe.


Crossed the border in the Belovezhskaja pushcha.


Came to Warsaw,preparing everything for the screening.


Bought sound system and made two screenings at Warsaw.Going to Krakow.


Reached Krakow."We warmed up and dried off.Made one screening at the Old Town.People were coming to us and asking,it felt really different from the provinces,where people just passing by without any attention.Krakow is a beautiful city,not without reason there is a lot of tourists and wandering artists.Go on for Chezh republic."


Reached Chezh republic.They should have been reachen Brno.Mobile inthernet doesn`t work.
"Now we are somewhere at Brno.I guess the hosting failured.We made a screening at the attic of the squat in Ostrawa.The films where screened directly to the roof.Planned going to Vienn tommorow."


"Now at Bratislava.Hoping to meet the director of "Exibition",Andrew,Slovakian director.We screened films at Vienna opposite to the Opers House.The people were asking and wondering,sat on the grass,offered a beer.We were hosted by ukrainian programmer Anton,who has lived in Vienna for 10 years.I hope we will finish it somehow.It`s hot.We swam in the Dunai."


In Budapest,without any host,with punctured tire.Vasja is in a bad mood,with a short of money and tired.Travelling with Sasha is a real did.I think no more screenings,they are coming back...


On a half way to Ukrainian border,in the city Polgrad.Going to Ukraine...


Such a funny message:
"My bicycle quiet gave up.8 spokes are broken.The wheel is like an oval,but it`s still can move.A lit bit,but moving.Somehow hobbled to the border.)))"
They crossed the Ukranian border and decided to take trains till Yzhgorod.


In Lviv.They will go through Brest to Minsk and will be very soon.


"Now we are in Barahovichi.At 17-18 will be in Minsk."

That`s it.

Waiting for an article from Aliaksandr.


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