Sunday, 9 March 2014

Preparations for the 3d festival...

 As the time is speeding towards the third CPM festival in April, we are involved in preparing its visual image. One part will be created by films, without any doubt - at the end of March the list of participants will be announced on the official website of the festival. 

We are also thinking and designing - and have already printed some nice things :)

  This is how a notebook for movie-buffs should look like! 

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Love your films!

  This is a short and special post about love. Love for the films you create.

  In the mass of applications, a pair of DVD covers have specially impressed us. This is what thinking of details mean!

  ...the DVD cover itself as a work of art

 "Second Wind" by Sergei Tsyss

       ... original font size with some handmade (cutout and sequins) 

"Little Elephant and Little Star" by Sergei Nemo 

Propose your venue for CPM festival!

       Some changes have happened to our web-page recently.
Now we have a special button for those who would like to join the Perpetuum Cinema motion! 

       As in the previous years, the CPM fest is going to travel and reach different corners of the globe. Would you like to host the festival in your home city or village?
           Propose the venue ! 

           What do we ask from you ?  
      - the screening venue and format of the screening - are up to your taste and possibilities (a cinema-hall, a stadium, a green park, your friend's flat, a squat or art-gallery, etc...)
      - the curator of the screening
      - audience (cinema-lovers with any level of experience, passers-by, or local community and neighbours)    

          What do we promise ? 
     - international program on 1 or more DVDs including specially selected films
     - a video-invitation from CPM team
     - true cinema spirit and experiment

    To be part of the festival in 2014, please fill in the form .
    For any questions and requests from your side, we stay online and tuned !
    Share the CPM spirit!
    Your CPM team 



Sunday, 24 November 2013

People Watching Cinema (Sub-Project)

    Have you ever observed the faces of people watching cinema?
    Here are some pics taken by a half-hidden camera during the pre-screnings of CPM festival at cinema-stash "Sever" in Minsk.

    Our small project "People Watching Cinema" ...

Anora, Andrey
Ilja and a smiling girl 
Dmitri , Yana 
Lina , Artyom

to be continued... 

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

TOP 10 films after 6 prescreenings

133 films had been seen by 84 previewers.
TOP 10 films after 6 prescreenings:


Sam Baixauli (Spain)

Kamila Safina (Russian Federation)